Contractor & Temp Staff Information

Download forms here or contact our Payroll Office for a hardcopy to be mailed to you.


Upon Assignment commencement

We will send you a contract detailing the terms and conditions of your assignment. This must be read carefully, signed and returned to us, together with any other forms provided.

If the details on any forms provided require amendment at any time - download and complete a new form and send/email it to our Payroll office.


Whilst working as a temporary or contract employee

It is your responsibility to submit your timesheet by 6pm Friday each week you have worked for us (using the options online system).


At End of June each year

Please ensure we have your current address at the end of the current financial year, June 30th, so that we can contact you for taxation purposes.

Download Forms Here:

Accountancy Options Fund:

Options in Finance Fund: