Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register as a job seeker?

Submit your resume by contacting us online, or apply for a specific job advertised. Alternatively, call our office to speak with us about your experience and needs. If your skills fit our specialist areas we will schedule a registration interview with you.


Can I register for work from outside of Australia?

Yes, if you have relevant skills and experience to our market focus and are a permanent resident returning to Melbourne or possess the relevant working visas we welcome you to register with us. We offer skype and phone interviews to expediate your registration.


Why should I register with you?

As a recruitment specialist, we can help you refine your goals. We promote your availability and market your strengths to our employers of choice. We bring relevant jobs to you, as soon as they become available. We help you prepare for your job interview with the employer and negotiate offers.


What type of jobs do you recruit?

All Accounting and Finance jobs and Financial Services industry jobs.

Do you advertise jobs outside of Accounting and Financial Services?

Yes, we often advertise jobs outside of the Accounting, Finance and Financial Services' sectors. In fact our MarketWide Options business specialise in recruitment of Business Support roles. For instance, we regularly recruit call centre, procurement, legal, account management, warehousing, reception and admin staff.


What locations are your jobs in?

Across Australia, but predominantly within the greater Melbourne metropolitan area.


What is a CBI interview?

After some general introductory questions, large corporates may ask 'behavourial' or 'competency' based questions. They will describe a 'situation' and ask you draw upon your personal experiences to demonstrate how you have dealt with a similar event in the past. Refer our Job Seeker Advice page to learn more.

What do I need to bring to the job interview?

It is helpful if you bring your CV, personal identification, evidence of qualifications & memberships, and authority to work in Australia documentation to your interview.


Do I need a CV before applying for a job?

Yes, most job agencies and employers will ask for a copy of your CV when you apply for a job. If you register with us as a job seeker and do not have a current CV we can help you prepare one. Our Interview Tips page has a template to help you get started.


What should I include in my CV?

Try to limit your CV to no more than 5 pages. Don't use lots of colour or photos or include irrelevant information. Provide your contact details, qualifications, and career achievements. Provide a career history, summarising roles - starting with the most recent job. Include the job title, company name, date started and left, reason for leaving and then summarise your key responsibilities and major achievements.

Do you provide salary advice?

Yes we do. We also help you negotiate permanent salary packages or interim rates. For a general guideline, refer to our Salary Guides for our most recent assessment of average salary and earning potential in the market.


Can I ask about salary at the job interview?

If you have registered with us, our consultants will have advised you of the expected salary and conditions of the job - so there shouldn't be any surprises. If you want to negotiate with a potential employer, leave it until the offer process commences when you are sure this is the right job for you. Our consultant can guide you throughout the job application and employment negotiation process too.


Should I mention my planned leave at a job interview?

Yes - you should be open and honest with your job agency and any potential employer.