Accountancy Options and Options in Finance manage personal information as an APP Entity in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and Australian Privacy Principles.

The following summarises our full Privacy Policy:



We only collect information that is necessary for the proper performance of our activities and functions as a recruitment agency.  We do not collect information if we have no present need for it.

The types of information we typically collect and hold:


  • about our Job Seekers is necessary to assess amenability to work offers and work availability; suitability for placements; or to manage performance in work obtained through us
  • about our Employers is necessary to help us manage the presentation and delivery of our services
  • about our Referees is necessary to help us make determinations about the suitability of candidates for particular jobs or types of work
  • about our Website visitors is only an anonymous collective of the activity in the aggregate, to help us continually create a better overall website experience for users


Personal information is collected from you when you register online or in person, apply for a job, submit a vacancy, provide information in connection with a job or registration application or reference check.  Your consent is implied when you provide this information to us.

If we collect your personal information from others we will take reasonable steps to obtain your consent or make you aware of why we have collected such information.


Use & Disclosure

We use and disclose your personal information for the primary purpose of providing recruitment services, or for any related secondary purpose where it is reasonable for you to expect so.

Wherever possible we will only disclose such information with your consent.  For instance, we will not disclose a job seeker's information to a potential employer without the job seeker's consent.


Data Quality

We will to the best of our ability ensure that the personal information we collect, use or disclose is accurate, complete, up to date and relevant. This will sometimes mean we need to cross-check the information that we collect about you with third parties, and again if we retrieve it and some time has passed since we last checked it.


Data Security

We take a range of measures to protect information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, interference, modification or disclosure.  It is important to understand there are risks associated with the use of the Internet and you should take appropriate steps to protect your information.  You can contact us by phone or post if you have concerns about making contact via the Internet.



We provide you with access to our policy and collection statement to reflect our commitment to being open about our information handling.

Our Privacy Officer is able to respond to questions about our privacy practices.


Access & Correction

Subject to some exemptions set out in privacy law, you can gain access to information we hold about you, by contacting our Privacy Officer.

We require a minimum of 10 business days notice (depending on the nature of the information being accessed) and a minimum fee of $75 will apply to cover administration costs involved.

We do refuse access if it would interfere with the privacy of other individuals or breaches the confidentiality of that information.

If you advise us the information that we hold about you is not accurate, complete or relevant we will take reasonable steps to correct it.  If we do refuse we will explain why, and you may request we add a statement on our records, claiming that certain information is incorrect.


Sensitive Information

Sensitive information, such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinion, memberships of associations, religious or philosophical beliefs, sexual preferences, criminal record, health or disability will not be collected without your consent. Where you volunteer sensitive information it is implied that you are giving your consent.

At times we may request sensitive information because it is a condition of employment, such as with professional memberships and police checks, or it may be required by law, such as with working visa checks.


Direct Marketing

We comply with anti-spam legislation.  At times, we may use or disclose your personal information for the purposes of conducting direct marketing, such as sending notification of events, competitions, job opportunities, recruitment news, market reports our promoting our services through online advertising.

We will only use your information for direct marketing with your consent, or where it is reasonable for you to expect us to do so. If we obtain your information from third parties (such as online job networks you have registered with) we will seek your consent, where practical, before conducting direct marketing with you.

We will provide you with the opportunity to request not to receive our marketing, and we will provide a simple means to opt-out at any time


Complaint Handling

You have a right to complain about our handling of your information if you believe we have interfered with your privacy.

You can make complaints about our handling of your information by contacting our Privacy Officer in writing.  Refer to our full Privacy Policy for contact details.